Happy Woo Wednesdays! Meet my new associates

Happy Woo Wednesdays. I wanted to introduce my lead Carissa Woo Photography associates, Lisa and Shayla.

Lisa and Shayla are the most genuine, hilarious souls I've come to know in the industry. They are constantly cracking jokes. Their talent, passion, and drive shine through in their photographs, that's why I chose them to represent CWP. Also, they both live just ten minutes away from me.

Lisa loves the Philadelphia Eagles, loves country music and married a Croatian.

It's was fate that I met Lisa 3 years ago. She had been following me on ig and she actually witnessed my proposal on Redondo Beach Pier (before we even met). I thought Stu and I were alone but I'm so glad Lisa was there too :)

Shayla loves panda bears, In n Out is her absolute favorite food and she is a proud UCSB alumni, where she met her hubby.

Shayla and I met on Instagram, where you meet all your besties. =)

The Struggle

I've been wanting to have CWP associates for many years now but it's hard to trust photographers with your own brand. It's my baby. I know I needed to expand the company because I've been in business for 8 years and the workload is too much for me after entering into motherhood. I'll always shoot weddings but I can only take on 18 weddings a year and I don't shoot back to back weddings in one weekend.

The Solution

What has helped with getting over my fear was when I got into teaching workshops and mentoring other photographers. It helped me become a leader and mentor. I have created a good team environment where we can grow together.

Trust is Everything

I also trust Lisa and Shayla because I have worked with them for years and know that they can execute the job in the CWP signature style.

I can't wait for you to meet Lisa and Shayla. We will all be sure to bring the best out of you.

Thank you Marcella for the photos.