san juan capristrano engagement / lisa + willie

This was the first time meeting Lisa and Willie.  We met up at Starbuck in San Juan Capistrano before our early shoot. They are the sweetest! We wait for San Juan Capistrano Mission to open at 9am and when the doors open, the light was breathtaking and there was no one there. It was so nice to shoot without the crowds. You can tell that they are just smitten over each other making each other smile and laugh the whole shoot. Can't wait for their big day. Words from the bride: Willie and I met in our mid-20s online via OkCupid. Prior to meeting each other, we’d both been down on our luck with online dating. I was getting exhausted going on date after date with zero chemistry and he was coming to terms with the true meaning of the phrase “Man Jose” (we live in San Jose). Luckily, we matched online, started talking, and went out on our first date. For me, he was the first guy I’d met in a long time who I found to be genuinely interesting and cute. For him, he thought I was fun and pretty but also rather ditzy because I walked into the wrong restaurant for our date. He was wrong though! What he didn’t realize was that I was surreptitiously checking him out from the other restaurant to make sure he wasn’t some 40 year old dude pretending to be 25. In retrospect, I completely failed at being sneaky but I did succeed in confirming Willie was an honest guy!

By our seventh or eighth date, Willie already thought of me as his girlfriend but he didn’t clue me in on this fact until he called me his girlfriend in a conversation about his friends. Of course I immediately honed in on this slip of the tongue and said “When did I become your girlfriend?”

I admit I found it to be amusing to see him stutter and backpedal when I confronted him but then he of course realized, I was pulling his leg. He then proceeded to ask me to be his girlfriend and I teasingly said I would think about it.

We became official in August 2013 and moved in together shortly after. A year later, we adopted our crazy and lovable fur baby Holly. He proposed in April of 2017 and the rest is history!

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