Since elementary school, I was always the girl with the camera: dressing up with my friends or making everyone take a group photo at every event. I have tons of scrapbooks from each year full of hilarious memories that I cherish. I went to college at University of CA Riverside and got a degree in Economics. I worked at an online agency after college but wasn't completely satisfied in the corporate world. I quit my job, picked up wedding photography and hit the ground running. I had found my passion and it continues to grow each and every day.

Since 2009, I have shot 200 weddings. Wedding photography has taken me around the world to Paris, Hawaii, Thailand, Chicago, Taiwan and New York. I get to be 100% creative in not just my work but also how I live my life. I have the space and freedom to let creativity and beauty come through each and every day. I recently got married to my high school friend and it was the best day of our lives. Can't wait for your to experience it for yourself.

Come to my studio in Gardena, California. It's a slice of wedding photography heaven.