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carissa-explains-it-all_0054 Carissa Explains It All!

I can’t believe I had my first workshop last month! What a great turnout! I have always had a passion to mentor and share my knowledge with budding photographers. We had so much fun talking about our branding and why we have chosen to be photographers. It was amazing to hear all of the different backstories of how we came to be in this field. There was one thing we had in common though, and that was the drive to learn!

Here a the amazing students that attended. I hope I inspired them because they inspired me.



Just a quick recap of what we went over:

How to successfully use social media to get your name out there.

How to communicate with your clients using various tools.

How to style your shoot using inspiration from Pinterest.

How to edit and my personal workflow.

Tips and tricks to an awesome engagement session.

The BIG DAY: how to approach it and making sure it’s special and unique every time.

How bad do you really want this?

I have stated before that I am a believer of just doing it. Just because there are people who are better than you or know more than you doesn’t mean you can’t book weddings too! You just need to be confident in yourself and your ability to produce great photography. If you left my workshop only learning one thing, I hope it would be to believe in yourself.

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