featured on rising tide society - woo wednesdays


Happy Woo Wednesdays! I was featured in

The Rising Tide Society Spotlight

. A couple people nominated me for my work and generous spirit. I have met the most talented and inspiring 

wedding professionals in this group. They have given me wisdom and a sense of community and I love inspiring them as well and giving 8 years of wisdom to them.

I want to talk about 5 reasons why I love teaching.

1. When I teach, I'm learning just as much. I'm getting feedback from others. My style of teaching is very interactive so we can bounce ideas off each other.

2. When I inspired / teach others, I'm get inspired myself. Creating an open conversation about your passion wakes the soul.

3. My communication skills are improving. Just 2 years ago, I was terrified to teach / speak up / - But I see a lot of improvement. I'm gaining confidence. 

4. My photography gets better and workflow gets more stream-lined. My arts comes from the passion and energy

5. I have met the coolest people, people I vibe with. We have endless things to talk about because we share the same passion

My team and I are hosting a

"Posing and Closing"

workshop on June 30th. Read about the details


and sign up before it's full.

Thank you for signing up for my workshop. We are half way full! 

TELL US ABOUTYOUR WORK. Carissa Woo Photography was born 8 years ago. With a lot of hard work, perseverance and passion, I photographed over 200 weddings. My team and I specialize in colorful and fun weddings, with a lot of romance and style. WHAT ARE THEBIGGEST CHALLENGES YOU FACE? Running a business always comes with challenges—wearing many hats, understanding your numbers / profitability, managing expectations. The biggest challenge is finding a work /life balance. I am overcoming this challenge with a solid workflow, outsourcing, developing residual sources of income and saying "no" to work that doesn't inspire me. WHY DO YOU LOVE WHAT YOU DO? WHAT KEEPS YOU MOTIVATED? I am a true hopeless romantic. I am in love with love. I love the story behind a wedding and discovering the unique connection my clients have to each other. I love being apart of such an exciting and joyful time in their lives. I'm at my best when I am shooting a wedding. My creative juices are flowing, my adrenaline is pumping and my heart is full. The art of photography keeps me motivated. There will always be new things to learn and more beautiful art to create. There is beauty everywhere, if you look.

WHAT ARE YOU HOPING TO BRING TO RISING TIDE? I am a mentor and teacher, and I want to spread my knowledge through Rising Tide. I am hoping to bring passion, love for my craft and a spirit of fun to the group. WHAT ARE THE BIGGEST LESSONS YOU’VE LEARNED ALONG THE WAY? The biggest lessons I have learned are to set your intention for each shoot and visualize how your shoot will go. Always send positive vibes to your clients and the people around you so that you don't feel drained. Be intentional with the type of client you want to work with, and the type of wedding and venues you want to shoot at. Dream it, write it down and achieve it. Be an extremely good listener and copious note taker. Pay attention to what your potential and active clients are trying to tell you. Surround yourself with positive, like-minded people who will help you grow. Understand the flow of the wedding and the shots you need to get—the more detailed you are about this, the better. HOW DO YOU SPEND TIME OUTSIDE OF WORK? I was on a Division I tennis team in college, and I still play every week with my dad. I'm a mom to a one-year-old girl named Piper. My husband and I love to stay home. He cooks and I eat. WHAT IS YOUR CONNECTION TO THE SOUTH BAY? WHAT DO YOU LOVEMOST ABOUT THIS AREA, AND HOW DOES IT INFORM YOUR WORK? I am a true South Bay girl, born and raised in Torrance—the center of the universe. I love the diversity, the beaches, the malls, the people. I know the best places to shoot. Also, if you didn't know, the South Bay has the best food.