Happy Woo Wednesdays! My new studio / Finding the perfect wedding dress /


Happy Woo Wednesdays!

If you have been following me in my Instagram account, you already know the big news. I opened up a new photography studio in Gardena. The new name is call J'adore Studios by Carissa Woo and it's a dream come true. I still meet my wedding clients at my work-live home studio but this is a whole new spot down the street. Thank you La Pinata for letting me rent a space in your warehouse. La Pinata is a leading party rental company and I recommend them to all of my clients. My studio has the most beautiful light and I can shoot indoor and outdoors, it's the perfect combo. I wanted to put together this shoot to launch the new studio and Wow, it really came together with a bang!

This is also the launch of The Sepulveda Home new headpiece line called Rafaela. The Sepulveda Home is a vintage wedding venue in San Pedro, the details and furniture there are one-of-a kind.

I couldn't have done is without the help of my favorite vendors.

Headpieces by The Sepulveda Home  (Rafaela) / Flowers by Florunique / Video by Cinevent / Hair and Makeup by Elwynnandcass + Crystal Golden Glow Beauty / Dresses by Vene Ai

Models: Jen Garcia / Jennifer / Frances / Erika Othen

Sylvene, the owner of Vene Ai, is the guest blogger today and she wrote 10 tips on finding the perfect wedding dress. See below.



10 Tips on How To Find The Perfect Wedding Dress by VENE AI Studio When getting ready to shop for your wedding gown its hard not to get overwhelmed with the amount of boutiques, silhouettes, and designers out there. Here are some simple tips to keep in the back of your mind as you get ready to say “Yes to the Dress”! 1 Set a budget! Before you start shopping, know exactly how much you would like to spend on your wedding gown. Don’t forget to factor in alterations too! 2. Start Early Begin shopping six to nine months before your wedding. It takes about four months for a manufacturer to make a dress and another two months to complete the alterations. 3. Go to no more than 3 boutiques in one day On average a bridal appointment is about an hour long. Factor in champagne and stepping in and out of at least 5 gowns per appointment, that’s a lot of work! Its best not to over do it. 4. Don’t do “first time” shopping during a trunk show weekend A trunk show weekend is the perfect opportunity to PURCHASE! If you have done your research and know that there is a designer that you are just dying to wear, make an appointment for a trunk show weekend. Most bridal trunk shows offer a in-store discount for your purchase during the trunk show. 5. Do your research Hop on Pinterest, browse magazines, and watch runway shows. Do your research and then make your appointments! 6. Be Open Keep an open mind to finding a dream dress that you didn't know would be your dream dress. Often time brides come to an appointment with a set idea of what they want for a gown, instead fall for something completely different that they'd never considered. 7. Shop True to Your Size Even if you plan on losing weight before the big day, shop for dresses in your current size. It’s much easier to take a dress in than trying to work with one that’s way too small. 8. Walk Away if You Feel Pressure A salesperson should never pressure you to make a decision on the spot if you're unsure. A wedding gown is a very emotional purchase and a lifetime memory being created, so if you need more time to decide, just walk away.

9. “10’s a crowd”There is such a thing as having too many people at your bridal appointment. Keep it close and personal. We suggest no more than 3-4 guests at your appointment.

10. Stay True to What You Love It's easy to bend in the moment to what gown your mom, sister, or maid of honor loves on you. But it's very important that you go with what you love and what feels like your dream dress, regardless of other people's expectations