Our Daughter Piper

Happy Woo Wednesdays! Meet Piper Ayaka Sato (1/2 Chinese and 1/2 Japanese). After 16 hours of labor, our daughter was born on Feb 13, 2017 at noon, 7.5 lbs, 19.5 inches. During labor, I got a 100.7 fever and had to be put on antibiotics. Piper's heart rate kept dropping every time I pushed and she had to go straight to NICU.  There always has to be some labor story drama, right? They tested her for just about everything and luckily she was healthy as can be. Stu and I couldn't be happier with our Valentine's Day baby.

What a crazy whirlwind 3 weeks it has been. There has been plenty of ups and down but God has been good and we are so blessed. #teamnosleep is definitely a thing. Stu went back to work today so it's just me and P. I would love suggestions of mommy and me groups, classes and things to do.

The moment I laid eyes on our beautiful daughter, all I saw was chubby cheeks, a full set of hair and pure perfection. It's safe to say that she is my husband's doppelganger (twinning).

Thank you for all the love and support. Thank you for those whose visited, brought us food, called us, left us a nice comment on social media. We love you!


Thank you to my good friend Jay from Hues of Love for our first professional family photo. We will cherish these forever.


Right before birth - My 5 seconds of fame on The Ellen Show

Did you catch my dancing feature on the Ellen Show? Who's not obsessed with Ellen?


I danced my pregnant butt off and delivered Piper 5 days later. My best friend landed VIP tickets and it was truly the best day ever! The energy was off the roof during the show. After dancing for a couple minutes, I felt like I ran a marathon.

 precious moments

Fred is adjusting to his new little sister. He did not like all the crying at first but now he sleeps in the other room.

Piper changes everyday.