Woo Wednesdays! Networking Tips


Happy 4th of July! Happy Woo Wednesdays!!! Do you have any networking tips? See my video on my IGTV. Below are some photos from

The Knot

LA Party. It was a blast.

I'm used to be super shy and awkward. If anyone could help me, I didn't want to talk to them. I wanted to hide. I feel like I recently got over my fear of networking with a lot of practice. Here are some networking tips that I hope can help you.

10 Networking Tips

1. Be exciting, engaging, fun. Have the YOLO mentality.

2. Dress up - This can be at a wedding, networking meeting, industry event. I want people to say "remember that girl in the polkadot getup".

3. Ask good questions. Ask questions like "What do you like to do for fun? What challenges are you facing in your industry? What's your favorite food? How did you get started in your career?

4. Serve and give before you ever ask. I can offer my photographer services to vendors, what can you offer people?

5. Talk to everyone, Introduce yourself to the planner, the venue manager, DJ, bartender. You never know who they are. Everyone has a story and you can learn something from them.

6. Followup with a IG DM, thank you card, small gift.

7. Listen - Remember people's names and remember what they tell you. Focus on what they are saying so you can continue the conversation later.

8. Take people out for coffee, pizza or boba. Get to know their story, make true connections

9. Have fun! I have made some of my best friends through industry meetings and parties. I have so much in common with them so there are endless things to talk about.

10. Don't forget your business cards and they better be good-looking.