Woo Wednesdays! What in my travel bag


Happy Woo Wednesdays! I am leaving for Croatia on Monday for a wedding with Ede By Jacqueline. Do not disturb until August 14th. After the wedding I will spend 3 days in Rome, woohoo! I've have traveled for weddings to Thailand, Hawaii numerous times, Chicago, NY, Taiwan and Paris so I have some experience with destination weddings. When you travel for a job, you must be super prepared.

I've been excited about this trip for a very long time. I've been focused on packing this week and wanted to share with you what is in my travel bag.

  1. 2 Nikon bodies - I have (2) d750 that I carry on a holdfast camera strap that I can't leave home with out / Extra batteries and chargers

  2. 105 1.4 len - This is my baby that makes a whole lot of bokeh and prettiness

  3. 35mm 1.5 - I can't live with out this

  4. 10-24 wide lens - This lens will get me a wide wide shot to see all of the beautiful landscapes I'm going to witness

  5. 105 macro lens - This is for the ring shot and tiny detail

  6. (2) Prophoto flashes with a light stand - Every since I changed to Prophoto, my life is forever changes. I trust these babies with my life, I know they will fire every time and I know they will give me light when I'm in the dark.

  7. (8) 128gb sd cards - You can't have too many sd card

  8. LED Video light - I use the brand Yongnuo and I highly recommend this video to everyone

  9. Laptop and hard Drive - I want to have peace of mind and backup as soon as I shoot the wedding

  10. Comfortable but good looking tennis shoes - There is a lot of debate about vendors wearing tennis shoes to weddings. I wear nicer flat to the ceremony but change to tennis shoes after for the reception. I want to be good to my feet because I will be on them for 12 hours.

I can't wait to show you Croatia photos. Please let me know if you have any recommendations.