Heisler Park Laguna Engagement / Sarah + Elbert


I’m in love with this session, isn’t it effortless. Sarah and Elbert booked me on the phone the shoot was the first time we met. I was so happy to see their beautiful smiles and love fore each other. Sarah told me about her job as a scientist, curing genetic diseases and Elbert talk about being in medical school. He told me that he makes a conscience effort to make time for their relationship because it is priority. Can’t wait for their big day at Wayfarers Chapel.

Words from the bride: Elbert and I first met during our freshman year at Brown. He was in the same chemistry class as me, and after lecture he would always stop by my dorm room to steal snacks from my mini-fridge! We quickly became close friends, and while we didn’t start dating until our senior year, we shared so many memories and adventures together throughout our time in college. The summer before Elbert started medical school, we decided to go on a backpacking trip across China and Japan. We hadn’t been a couple for very long at the time, but I just knew we had this amazing chemistry and compatability as we traveled abroad together. From exploring local food and cuisine, to finding beautiful architecture in remote neighborhoods, or even just staying in to read comic books together, I quickly realized that I had found my partner in life. Fast forward four years, and we are now proud parents of two adorable cats (Qtip and Quinoa), and I could not be more excited to be marrying my best friend!