wayfarers chapel engagement / zorana + mike


I’ve know Zorana since the 6th grade and we have been close ever since. I met Mike in high school. Somehow the two met online and fell in love, had 2 kids together and now are getting married in July. I can’t wait to be Zorana’s bridesmaid. I’m over the moon for Zo and Mike, they are meant to be.

Words from the bride : Mike and I met on a dating app almost 7 years ago, and although we shared many mutual friends, we never met or heard of one another.  We now have two beautiful children ages 4 and 2, but it took us a few tries to get things right over the years.  Although we have stood the test of time, we almost didn't make it to the place we are today as we have endured many ups and downs, and spent some time separated in our relationship. I am personally glad that we don't have the typical storybook love as the challenges we have faced have brought us closer together and have forced us to grow as individuals, which better prepare us for real life as a married couple. I like to think that everything we have experienced was meant to be, and that we just kind of did things out of order.  We have already learned how to problem solve and even be parents, now we get have our honeymoon stage, and actually go on a honeymoon, woohoo! We're so excited to celebrate our love with those dearest to us that have been there and cheered us on over the years, it’s like we’re crossing the finish line to a really meaningful race we’ve run, except it’s not the end, it’s only the beginning.-- 

Carissa Woo