flower fields engagement photographer / jenny + james

I had the best time on this shoot. Jenny and James were cracking up the whole time, jumping on each other and being silly. James baked me cookies and muffins and we ate them during the shoot, so yummy. I am beyond blessed to have clients like Jenny and James. They make my heart full.
James and Jenny met in 7th grade. They were in the 8th grade promotion dance together but didn't talk much until they had Calculus class together senior year of HS. James would let Jenny copy his homework because she had no idea what she was doing. They still joke about how they got together "asians dating in math class".

Jenny writes:

"James has always been there for me. I've moved from LA --> San Diego --> Stockton -->Lancaster --> Santa Maria --> Santa Barbara --> back to LA. So many different apartments but james has been with me every step of the way. James visited me at every location whenever he could.
James is an avid marathon runner and especially loves trail runs. The few days we have off together we hike/jog trails in Griffith Park, Echo Park, and Pasadena trails. He also loves to bake! Chocolate chip and ginger molasses cookies are my personal favorites.
I love to eat! Cookies are my soft spot. I love shopping with my sisters and having a night in with family. I love family dinners ️My sisters are elementary school teachers so the stories are quite endless. I frequently try new food recipes I find online and try to recreate them.
We just love being silly and enjoy each other's company. We are truly lucky to have met each other so young and be able to carry this relationship throughout time and distance. We wouldn't have had it any other way. We are great independently and even better together.