venice beach engagement photographer / amber + tony

Amber was referred to me by my friend Heidi. I met Heidi at Monica and Marks wedding (She was a bridesmaid) and we have become good friends. I'm beyond happy to work with Amber and Tony. They are madly in love and have so much fun together. At the beginning of our shoot, we had a couple beers at The Brigg. We then shoot a bunch of colorful spots in abbot kinney, then shot at the Venice Beach Canals, and ended the shoot at Santa Monica Pier. It was a great day to say the least.

Words from Amber:
For fun, Tony and I love to hang out with our friends, have dinner date nights, go out drinking, dancing, traveling to new places, and we LOVE music events. We like to go out and just have fun! At the same time, we also like to have nights at home where we cook together and cuddle with our dog and cat. We joke that our pets run our lives, but we wouldn't have it any other way. Some days, we would even go to the gym together and try each other's workouts haha :)
I think our relationship is special because we are both extremely respectful and appreciative of one another. We have complemented each other perfectly since day one! We value the same things in life, such as: a healthy lifestyle, balance between working hard and going out, being responsible, spending time with family, sharing love for our pets, and more. We are each other's biggest fans! Tony and I don't take each other for granted and we're each other's inspiration and motivation in life. When we first met, we used to both say that we never expected to meet someone who was so compatible. I like to say that since I've met him, my life has become so much more vibrant and fun. He makes every adventure even more fun than the last. We keep each other laughing every day, and build each other back up when we are feeling low...those are a few things that I love about our relationship. I never expected to meet someone who's so perfect for me. In the first few months we started dating, I kept thinking that he had all the qualities I was looking for and more. I would think: "How did I get so lucky?" I told him that once and he said he was thinking the same thing. Before I met Tony, I didn't think anyone like him existed. Also, I never thought a relationship like ours was real. It's hard to describe, but we just have so much mutual love, respect, consideration, and appreciation for one another. We go the extra mile to make each other happy. It's a love that keeps getting better and better! :)