oak canyon nature center wedding / kayla + chris

I'm so in love with this wedding. It's beautiful, natural and effortless. The weather was just perfect and you know that make me the happiest girl in the world. Kayla and Chris made me smile from ear to ear all day and I couldn't be more happy for them!


Venue & Catering: Alta Vista Country Club | Florist : Wild Muse | Hair & Makeup: Kelly Tran Artistry | Cake : Elemakescakes | Bridal Dress: Simply Bridal | DJ : Perfect Mix DJ 

Words from Kayla

Chris and I (but mostly Chris) love nature and the outdoors. We wanted to go for a simple and rustic wedding theme where nature could really shine. I've always wanted a spring wedding, because spring means pastels! I love peaches, pinks, light blues, grays, and for a pop of color burgundy was a perfect pick. Another theme that ran throughout our wedding was the idea of home. It was even included in our hashtag! Over the years Chris came to call "home" as any place where we would spend time together. Regardless of the location, home became wherever he was with me. By the end of the day, we finally found our way or "Wei" home. 

Why we chose our venue: Our relationship sparked into life after a fellowship trip to Yosemite. We knew that we wanted to have an outdoor wedding and we looked at a few venues along that thread. We toured Oak Canyon we fell in love with the natural and simple beauty of the place. It was so peaceful, calm, and just reminded us of all of God's wonderful creation. 

Why we chose our date: Chris and I became an official couple on October 1, 2011. That day he promised that every first of the month he would make every effort to see me no matter where we were. Despite being long distance for years he never missed a single month! And on the 66th one, we got married! 

Why we chose to do a feet washing ceremony: Chris and I are both of the Christian faith. As a sign of service and humility, Jesus washed the feet of his disciples. In the same way we want to always be of service to one another and continually support each other in everything.

Best part of the day:  Our vows. I actually wanted to go the traditional route, however I'm glad that we decided to write our own (even if I did tear up). I felt like we were able to laugh, smile, cry, and just have a moment to imagine our future together.

Advice: No matter what happens on the day of the wedding know that you planned enough and did enough. Don't stress the details because in the end it will all turn out as it should. Enjoy your day and savor every minute!